The Right Information, in the Right Hands, at the Right Time.

Symposium solutions give you the power to detect and respond to events faster, safer, and more effectively. Developed for clients of all sizes, our mobile applications, computer aided dispatch, mobile data, alarm monitoring and other systems utilize the latest technology to deliver feature-rich detection and response capabilities. Using an open and customizable architecture, these applications are ideal for organizations of all types and sizes.

Symposium solutions serve public and private entities throughout North America. With a proven reputation for delivering outstanding results on time and on budget, you can depend on us to make your next technology project simpler, easier, and more successful than ever before.

Mobile-Enabled Applications

Web and mobile-enabled applications are changing the way society communicates. With new apps from Symposium, organizations now have web and mobile-based access to secure and up-to-date information, further improving situational awareness and enhancing response capabilities.

Computer Aided Dispatch

Symposium's fully customizable, multi-agency, wireless-aware map- based CAD serves agencies of all sizes and needs. With a proven track record of real world performance, the Horizon EME will give your agency the tools to respond safer, faster, a

nd more effectively.

Mobile Data

The Horizon EM Mobile provides real-time instant access to critical incident,

premise, status, and location-based info. Departments using the EM Mobile enjoy better situational intelligence, better decision- making, and better response capabilities.

Alarm Monitoring

The Horizon EME Alarm Monitoring solution provides reliable, automated detection capabilities for military bases, critical infrastructure, and other sensitive installations. With the EME, your personnel can monitor more areas, more effectively than ever before.

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